Ok guys, most of you know Eddie (DjParanoia).

This guy busts his ass, and I know he can't afford to do a lot of things he would like to do like come out for ACEN. So bsaically if you guys can spare any cash, let me know because I want to have him come out for a few days so we can all have some fun together. The airfare should be around $200, so if we can get $10 from 20 people, we can get him out here. Even if we can raise the majority of it I will cover the rest. Lets get our boy back to the midwest for a weekend of fun!

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Alright, just got done talking with my dad.

He has agreed to co-sign on a car with me, so now the question is what to get?

I am leaning HEAVILY towards a Celica GT. I personally don't see the point in getting the GTS right now, as I will not be racing the car, or really concerned with the speed in general. Also probably automatic even though I would love to learn to drive manual, just I need somethign right now that I will be able to drive from the time i get it.

Anyone else have any suggestions? I am open to them as my heart is not 100% set on the Celica yet.

Budget as of right now, preferably under $15,000.
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So yeah, I was gonna take vacation days next week, but that got pushed back.

Started painting my store w/ Ed from home office today, and Yoshi calls him. Turns out Namco Limited will be visiting my store on Monday. I am very anxious/worried right now. Namco Limited is out mother company and I want to make a really good impression on them. So I will be at my store night and day for the next week, then I am going to take the vacation time I so desperately need.

Wish me luck!


Well, I just found out I will have an extra $1000 to throw around this Christmas since I just picked up some more days at HP. This means.... PRESENTS FOR PEOPLE!

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Well tomorrow I am heavily contemplating putting in my two weeks notice at Aladdin's Castle. I am so sick of that place I can't really describe it. My manager is a doofus and when i work he trys to be all buddy buddy with me. I am not really accomplishing anything while I am there either. I just mope around most of the day and act like I am fixing something. At least at Gamestop I am actually helping people. I don't know I want time to be me again and not have to worry about a stupid arcade.